ColorBrown - Gray Multicolor
Tail Natural
BreedGerman Shorthaired Pointer (mix)
Ears Natural
Age4 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

This sweet affectionate boy seeks a quiet adult home where he will get lots of cuddles with his human! Sam lives to love and be loved -- and will be your Right Hand Man and Best Friend. His whole being revolves around his humans. We would like him to be the only dog, so he is spoiled. He is 3 /12 years old and about 65 pounds.

For playmates, he seems to get along best with alpha females! Hmmm, likes being told what to do and when/how to do it?

Sam would LOVE a yard with dog door, so he can freely go in and out. Dislikes being crated or tethered. He is quiet and happy in the car (moving or not, company or not), or at the office (just his 2 people there). He enjoys daily walks, but must be on leash because of hip dysplasia. If up to him, he would run hard and then be uncomfortable later. His humans satisfy his need for action, with lots of mental exercises: hide and seek, finding hidden toys/treats, playing games. His ideal home would be out of the snow — easier to get out and about and romp around, in Winter.

Sam gets uneasy with new folks coming in, so proper introduction is a must. Easy to do, once you know his quirks. He takes his job seriously as a Protector of his loved ones. He has been working with a trainer and showing great progress. Continued training would really benefit this boy. He really does want to please. Very treat motivated! But, have to be careful to not be over indulgent. Important for him to keep a svelte physique — for less stress on his hips, AND to attract the girls!.

Typical birddog, he has some prey drive, so please no cats or chickens! And, please, no kids. Little ones make him nervous (me too, Sam!).

Do consider this Darling Boy, for a spot in your heart and home.

If you are interested in Sam, please fill out an adoption application online at and contact Robyn at [email protected]

Needs home with no cats
Needs home with no dogs
Needs home with no young children
Current on vaccinations

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