ColorBlack - White Multicolor
Tail Natural
BreedBearded Collie (mix)
Spayed/NeuteredUnknown or N/A
Ears Natural
Age8 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Rugie is about 7-8 years old (we are guessing), Bearded Collie (when his hair grows out!)/ Queensland / Terrier? — neutered, 40# of joy, love — and mischievousness! He is as adorable and silly as he looks! Rescued from life in a kennel, on a ranch. He is now LOVING the good life — adapted immediately to being part of the household, w/dog door to property. Comes and goes freely, respectful of his home, no separation anxiety!

Loves romps on the trail, off leash, good recall, good with humans and other dogs he meets along the way — and friends’ and neighbors’ dogs. Would like doggie friends, but probably wouldn’t really like dog park play. Enjoys his trail runs and explorations, but also likes hanging out at home being your Right-hand-Man, padding around the property with you. Not bad on a leash, but ‘heeling’ bores him — likes slack leash so he can explore. Better yet if you trot along at his speed!

Playful, sometimes does the herding down dog watching thing (w/other dogs). Loves to play hide and seek, and chase/ tag w/us ! If gets too excited, does the herding dog nipping - love bites. But that is short-lived, and then he quiets right down. Plays with his ball and toys — with us or by himself. We suggest he go to a herding dog knowledgeable home, w/adults.

This joyful Boy deserves to be loved and spoiled — and will repay your kindness with his devotion, bonds strongly. Enjoys being close, but can also be independent. Perfect combination! Wonderful Companion and Friend. Easy to live with, if you are active -- and include your dog in your everyday life.

He shares our life and home, in Carson City and Homewood at Lake Tahoe. Likes hiking along creeks/ ponds - so he can dunk.

We request an initial phone contact, application (, home visit, vet references. His adoption fee is $300 (towards his vaccinations, neuter, full exams / blood-urine testing / fecals / heart worm testing - all negative. Rugie is on Heartworm preventative).

Thank you for considering a dog in need! Contact Rugie’s Foster Mom, Robyn:, 775-240-5142.

Needs home with no cats
Good with dogs
Needs home with no young children
Current on vaccinations

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