ColorWhite Unknown or N/A
Eyes N/A
Tail Natural
BreedTerrier (mix)
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age4 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Scruffy is a (5) year old male poodle mix with a lot of personality. Scruffy struggles with resource guarding his person, but has been going through training to help with this behavior. A successful home for Scruffy would include an active individual interested in training and creating a structured environment to help him flourish in a world he hasn’t had the opportunity to fully explore.

Although Scruffy is a small dog, he requires mental and physical enrichment daily to keep him from escaping fencing, relieve frustration and energy, and keep him from excessively barking. Neutral dogs or those that give him his space are great companions for Scruffy as he does enjoy to play once comfortable in his new home.

Scruffy is cat friendly, but may chase while in the beginning if proper introductions are not done. Children are not compatible with Scruffy due to how cute he is and how hard it can be for children to not pet him. Scruffy may be a cuddly lap dog with his person, but we do want to prepare his next home by being honest with his bite history during an adoption meeting.

Individuals interested in adopting Scruffy need to be comfortable with the use of a muzzle in public in addition to understanding he is not compatible with dog parks or any off leash events. We will support the adopter with education on all of these aspects. If you are interested in meeting this smart, energetic, and versatile poodle mix please inquire with Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation to have a meeting with their trainer.

Level of Structure Needed: 8/10

Level of Exercise Needed: 5/10

Level of Mental Enrichment Needed: 5/10

Kids: No

Cats: Friendly with proper introduction

Dogs: Neutral or calm dogs with proper introduction

Livestock: Horses don’t bother him from a distance all other livestock unknown

Bite History: Yes, Inquire for more information

Good with cats
Good with dogs
Needs home with no young children
Current on vaccinations

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