ColorBlue and White
Tail Natural
BreedPit Bull Terrier
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age11 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Introducing Amos, a senior pitty with tons of love and a sometimes puppy-like playfulness.

This sweet boy has a remarkable way with people, forming deep connections and offering unwavering loyalty. Amos is a seasoned pro at being the perfect companion, whether it's a cozy night on the couch or a leisurely stroll through the park. He thrives on human interaction and is ready to share his golden years with someone special.

Amos, though a senior, still has a heart full of love to give to other dogs. With slow introductions and a patient approach, he can build positive relationships with his furry friends. Amos understands the art of companionship and would appreciate a calm home where he can relax and enjoy the company of his loved ones.

In his ideal home, Amos envisions a tranquil environment where he can savor the simple pleasures of life. He's past the energetic antics of youth and is ready to embrace a slower pace, filled with gentle walks, cozy naps, and the comforting presence of a loving family.

Please complete an online adoption or foster application at if you think you can help Amos!

Needs home with no cats
Good with dogs
Unknown with children
Current on vaccinations

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