ColorWhite Solid
Tail Natural
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age3 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Maxine is a true sweetheart, radiating a calm and gentle disposition that warms the hearts of those fortunate enough to know her. She's estimated to be around 3 years old and has had her fair share of challenges. Maxine was picked up as a stray, after she experienced a traumatic incident, resulting in a hip injury that seems to have been caused by a collision with a vehicle.

Unfortunately she found herself in an overcrowded shelter with limited resources for medical care. It's nothing short of a miracle that Wylie stepped in to rescue her, giving her a chance at life and happiness. Maxine has now been with her caring guardian for about 5 days, and in this short time, she's already begun to reveal her unique personality.

While Maxine can be a bit skittish at times, she's making progress each day. She has her favorite spots, like hiding under the desk at work and relaxing in her crate at home, where she feels safe and secure. However, Maxine is also quite sociable and enjoys meeting new friends, offering gentle affection and sweet kisses.

Despite her hip injury, Maxine is a determined spirit who doesn't let it hold her back. She adores outdoor activities like hiking and occasionally engages in playful moments with her foster brother. Her husky heritage typically carries a reputation for high energy, but Maxine breaks the mold with her calm demeanor. She's not at all destructive and only occasionally displays that typical husky stubbornness.

While Maxine may not be a fan of car rides, she's perfectly content as long as she's securely buckled in, prioritizing her safety. One can't emphasize enough just how sweet and gentle she truly is. As she continues to settle into her new environment, we eagerly await the day when she fully blossoms, showcasing her full potential for love, loyalty, and joy.

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Unknown with cats
Good with dogs
Unknown with children
Current on vaccinations

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