Tail Natural
BreedPit Bull Terrier
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age2 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation


Hi! My name is Doby. I am an approximately 2 year old female (spayed) ‘pocket pit’. I am definitely part Pitbull Terrier, but the veterinarians think that I may also be mixed with a Boston Terrier. I am only about 40 pounds. I am black with a little bit of brindle and white stockings on my legs with a white blaze on my face. I think you would agree that I am as cute as a button. I have big ole pointy ears and that is how I got my name - Doby the House Elf!

I am a very energetic girl and need lots of exercise. I was relinquished to Fairgrounds Animal Hospital after my housemate and I just could not learn to get along. The prior owner’s mentioned that the housemate was much more of the aggressor. I do love other dogs myself, but I definitely get over-stimulated. I can get a bit pushy and do not like to be corrected by other dogs. I have decided that other female spayed dogs just are not going to be part of my clique. However; I do love the big silly male Husky that I lived with at my foster home. He was very laid back and always wanted to play. I do feel that I would do best in a single dog household or can have a meeting with a laid back larger male dog prior to adoption. I have also been around cats and just like with dogs I get a little too excited. When I was with my foster mom her cats hissed at me and even swatted. I was a little confused and would just stare at them, never once did I try to harm them. However; I am a big pup and with my over-stimulation a household without cats might be best as well. My foster mom has been working with me on leash walks. Overall I do well, but just like a typical terrier sometimes I cannot help myself and will bark and get too excited. We are working on this, but I do recommend my new home have humans who have had terrier and/or reactive pitbull experience for continued training. I also feel that I would do best with children over the age of 12. This is not because I am aggressive with them, simply that I am 40 pounds of muscle and would be worried that I could accidentally knock over a smaller child. I am so sweet and it would break my heart if I unintentionally hurt someone. I really just want to love my people and I am very affectionate. Once I settle in, I will be your best friend. I will cuddle and make you laugh. I am a bit misunderstood at times, but with the right family I know I will fit in well. If you are interested in discussing my personality and possible adoption then please contact Fairgrounds Animal Hospital at 775-329-4106. This clinic is very busy; therefore, if you do not reach one of our receptionists right away, please leave a message with your phone number and interest in Doby and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Unknown with cats
Unknown with dogs
Unknown with children
Current on vaccinations