June Bug

ColorWhite and Brown Multicolor
Tail Natural
BreedBull Terrier - American Staffordshire Terrier
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Age1 year
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

June Bug is the happiest, silliest girl with a huge smile that encompasses everyone she meets. June Bug has cerebellar hypoplasia, a congenital condition that basically means part of her brain did not develop fully. It is not painful and will not progress, but it does result in a clumsy gait and sometimes June Bug gets going so fast that she will fall over her own feet.

She is able to do everything a normal dog would do, and she loves to chase balls and tug toys. She also wholeheartedly believes that she is a lap dog and will snuggle endlessly with you, but would do best in a single dog household.

She is completely unaware of her condition, and her joy at being alive just shines out of her. June Bug was saved from euthanasia at the very last minute because she stole the heart of the rescue coordinator at the high-kill shelter where she ended up several weeks ago, and now she is safe with us but is longing for her family to find her and take her home.

June Bug would be a wonderful therapy dog...we would love to find someone who would be interested in showcasing this special soul by taking her to visit special-needs children or adults and showing the world that a little disability is nothing that can't be overcome with a willing spirit and a lot of love! Please complete an adoption application at www.tahoewarf.org or call/text 775-338-6631 for more information on this very special dog.

Needs home with no cats
Good with dogs
Good with young children
Current on vaccinations

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